Effective Ways To Clear Clogged Drains

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When a kitchen or bathroom sink becomes clogged, the need to get it in good working order once again is usually desired. There are several different tactics that can be used in an attempt to unclog a drain. Here are some points to consider.

Try Plunging And Snaking First

A plunger can be used to try to dislodge material from in the pipe underneath the sink. This is done in the same manner as when using a plunger to unclog a toilet. If water does not go down the drain after trying to plunge a few times, moving onto trying a plumber’s snake is best. This tool may be able to push material out of the way so water will drain as necessary.

Try Taking The Pipe Apart

Before attempting to clear a clogged drain, it is a good idea to place a bucket underneath the piping located under the basin. This will be useful should the p-trap be taken apart to see if matter is trapped inside. The water inside of the basin will fall into the bucket, saving the floor from potential damage due to saturation as a result. The p-trap pipe can be removed and soaked in a bucket of water to loosen any hard material from inside. When the pipe appears to be completely clean, it can be positioned back into place to see if the basin fills up with water once again.

Avoid The Use Of Chemicals

It is not beneficial to pour chemicals of any type into a sink basin to try to clear clogged drains. This could cause erosion of the piping system, leading to possible further damage as a result. Chemicals can also alter the consistency of material in a septic system, causing problems here as a well.

Contact A Plumber For An Assessment

The best way to clear a sink clog is with a call to a professional. The will take a look at the situation and use the best course of action to remove the clog without damaging pipes in the process. If necessary, a drain cleaning procedure can be conducted to push material out of the piping system altogether.