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Getting your Sex Drive Back after a Spinal Cord Injury

Various causes can lead to spinal cord injuries. Depending on the part that the spinal cord injury occurs, the damage can either be critical or not. For one to get free from long-term implications, it is necessary to get help from a qualified doctor as first as possible. It is important to take all the time that you need before you can return to the normal activities such as sex. An x-ray will be able to say the level of the spinal cord injury to get the right treatment. There are things that are not recommended when recovering from a spinal cord injury. A doctor’s advice on when you should return to sexual events is essential. There are various problems that you can improve if you engage in sex before your doctor tells you it is a safe time to try. There are different sex positions that you can opt to use without causing you additional questions.

You will also need the moral support of a close friend or a family member who has suffered previously from spinal cord injuries. A professional will help you get your sex drive back and assist your partner to understand the new you. There are many treatments that you can consider if the spinal cord injury leads you to develop an erectile dysfunction. It is important to consult your doctor on any issue before you can opt to use it or engage in it. It is important to stay close to people who you have blood relations with in order to know that you are loved and still needed. It is necessary to carry out a thorough research that will help you find a highly qualified and well trained sex therapist.

A sex therapist that has been in operation for an extended period will offer you the best service. It is wise to deal with a person that you are sure of. An understanding partner will handle you with all the care that you deserve. Deal with a sex therapist that agrees to offer you a price quotation and clarify any query that you may have beforehand. Consider a sex therapist whose expenses are low. A sex therapist that is widely known to affiliate with renowned facilities will offer the best counseling . A deal is an essential document and signing it means that you have accepted the terms and conditions of a particular sex therapist.